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How I found God’s Kingdom

"I was in darkness. I listened to the gospel message and at the end, I was blessed with it: I can believe my sins forgiven in Jesus' name and precious blood. That gave me a great relief."
Joseph Kuse
Joseph Kuse, Ghana
"The Bible says: If we confess our sins, our Lord is faithful and forgives us our sins and cleanses us from all unrighteousness. This life we are living here on Earth is temporal. The Bible says: What will if profit you if you gain the whole world and then you lose your soul to hell?"
how I found god's kindgom
Lamin Komba
"I saw I had sinned, and people used to invite us to some churches, but we never got the faith which can make us transform like forgiveness of sins. That is what God himself wants us to do and that was what Jesus Christ was saying that if we want God to forgive us our trespasses, we also need to forgive others."
thomas yambasu god's kingdom
Thomas Yambasu, Sierra Leone
"Instead of me trying to forgive people to become righteous, I rather need to be forgiven. I fell down from the high building of my self-righteousness."
Emmanuel Ametsife
Emmanuel Ametsife
"When I was performing my military service I felt for the first time that there was something between me and my Creator. There were such things that caused me unrest. I was told that God's Kingdom is actually here on Earth. The biggest change after repentance was that I felt such peace within me that I recall having experienced some time as a child."
jouko gylden how i found god's kingdom
Jouko Gylden, Finland
"My hope and prayer for all people in the unbelieving world is that they may humble themselves and hear the call of the Good Shepherd so that one day we all will be at the right place of the Heavenly Father, forever."
Azouma Yawa god's kingdom
Azouma Yawa, Ghana
I had so many question in mind before repentance. What could be the things I should do to so that I'll be safe from the bad ways I have been living before? Faith comes by hearing the word of God. I realise that living in sin is not good. I have decided to turn away from all bad ways. Now I'm a believer, I'm always free and happy when I'm among others.
Easmond Missalie
The word "sin" was very familiar to me, but my understanding of it was different. I was under the impression that if you do something wrong among people, you need to correct it and apologize. Then I finally understood what faith and forgiveness of sins are and I got the grace of repentance. After repentance, my whole life changed.
Vladimir Krytskov
I had longing and restlessness in my heart to find God and to find peace. I was awakened and seeking. They asked if I would like to have my sins forgiven, and I said, yes, very much, and they preached the gospel of forgiveness to me. Immediately my heart was filled with joy and peace. My feet didn't even touch the ground and the great weight had been lifted. I didn't need to seek for anything anymore.
john bloomqvist how i found god's kindgdom
Jon Bloomquist
They preached the gospel and reassured me that I could believe my sins forgiven. Faith is so simple. God is there in His word and He wants us to follow Him by simple believing.
Young lady from Ecuador
Maria Wuollet

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