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What is repentance in the Bible

June 19, 2023
what is repentance in the bible

The prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32)

The prodigal son is a description of how a person falls  away from the kingdom of God because of sin. He leaves his Father’s home to wander to the aspirations of this world to serve an idol and loses everything. He develops a longing for his Father’s home, where he had  experienced love and care. The prodigal son gets to experience God’s call and also obtained the strength to go and ask if he still has a chance to return to the fellowship of God and His kingdom. God is merciful to penitent sinners and he was received joyfully into the Father’s home. There was a celebration in the home when the prodigal returned. The servants dressed him in the best clothes. There is a picture of the effect of the gospel, when a sinful man puts on new clothes, the garment of righteousness, which is made by God. The sinner was forgiven his sins and he passed from the world to the kingdom of God.

Saul (Acts. 9:1-19)

Saul had been an ardent follower of the Law of Moses. He had believed that by obeying the law he could be acceptable to God. When Saul was on his way to Damascus to arrest Jesus’ disciples, God stopped him in a vision. Saulus lost his sight, had to humble himself and act according to the instructions given to him. His sight was restored through repentance when God sent Ananias to preach the gospel.

The sinful woman (John 4:1-15)

Jesus met a Samaritan woman at the well of Sykar. The woman had come to the well at the hottest time of the day, when she could avoid meeting other people. The reason for this was her promiscuous life, which she had led in cohabitation with several men. When Jesus meets the woman, he shows with his speech that the woman’s life was sinful and has mercy on her.

Peter in the home of Cornelius (Acts 10)

The Bible tells how Peter preached the gospel of the kingdom of God in the home of Cornelius. Cornelius’ conscience was awakened and he prayed to God. He received a vision and was told to send to Joppa to get Simon, who is called Peter. The servants acted on Cornelius’ advice. Peter went with the servants to Cornelius. Peter tells what he had seen in the dream and states: “Cornelius, God has heard your prayers and remembered your alms.” God led Peter to preach the gospel inCornelius’ home. When Peter began to speak the good news of the gospel and the forgiveness of sins, those who accepted the message received the gift of the Holy Spirit in their hearts. Because of that, they began to thank God. After they had received the gift of faith, they were then baptized. The story shows how the gospel message is intended for every person in the world.

Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-40)

This story of repentance tells of a high-ranking Ethiopian official’s pilgrimage. He had been to the Holy City of Jerusalem to pray. According to the account, he had not received the Holy Spirit that God gifts by praying. It wasn’t until Philip met him. During the meeting, Philip explained to the official the writings of the Bible, which he himself could not understand. When he believed Philip’s speech, he received a living faith and was baptized. The lack of understanding of the Ethiopian eunuch when reading the book of Isaiah was not due to his incompetence, but to the fact that he had not yet received the Holy Spirit, which opens the writings of the Bible, as a gift of faith.

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