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My Story: Anna Nekrasova

May 13, 2023
A young women speaks

Something protected me

My name is Anna Nekrasova. I am 29, and come from the town of Tver, in Russia. I work now as a teacher of the Russian language for foreigners. I was baptized when I was seven. At that time I didn’t yet understand what God and faith are. My grandmother was Orthodox. She often said to me that God can save a person and that one had to ask him for patience.

Time passed, and I became convinced that God is not outside but inside of us. He protects us, “guards us,” as my grandmother said. Once, when I was still going to school, my friend Zhenja and I were walking downtown. We enjoyed our free day and the chance to finally really talk to each other. When I was crossing the road, a truck suddenly darted around a corner and drove by, missing me by only a few centimeters. “It was a miracle that that truck didn’t run over you,” Zhenja said to me. At that moment I was very scared. But there were some new, strange feelings mixed in with the terror. For a long time I was unable to avoid the feeling that someone was protecting me at that moment. Questions arose for me: how and why? I did not find answers then, even though I had heard of guardian angels. Nevertheless, I still wanted to do something good, as if to thank someone for something.

God drew me to him during my time of studying. I recall one happening that really got me thinking seriously and for a long time about faith matters. I was then attending history of philosophy and science lectures, because I was studying to be a researcher. During one class we discussed faith: What exactly is faith, what is its purpose, and in the final analysis, upon what is it necessary to believe? My professor did not hide the fact that he had always been an atheist—a person who doesn’t believe in God. He said that one could believe and trust only in oneself. I must admit that he was pretty convincing in his reasoning. All of our basic arguments in support of believing in God seemed to bounce off the associate professor’s reasonable, scientifically based counterarguments. That associate professor also had life experience. But a person can’t understand faith or own it by any kind of intellectual reasoning. He had not received the grace of repentance, and as such was not able to comprehend faith.

A few years ago I became acquainted with the Finnish believers in Tver, at my grandmother’s urging. I went to services. There were a lot of us students then at services—believers from Tver and my new Finnish friends who had come to study at our university. During the service, I felt that I was a sinful person. I wanted to believe my own sins forgiven, and the gospel of forgiveness in Jesus’ name and blood was proclaimed to me. Joy and peace filled my heart. I was also able to partake of the Lord’s holy supper that evening. Later, my sister also received the grace of repentance.

Jesus has promised to be there where two or three are gathered in his name. My sister and I have lived together for a few years. Faith has given us strength in difficult times. When we have argued, how hard it has been to ask forgiveness for these quarrels! Sometimes pride and obstinacy have not allowed us to ask forgiveness from each other. But you can imagine what joy—what immeasurable great goodness—we have experienced when we have corrected matters with the gospel.

When believing speaker brothers and translators come to visit in Tver, it is always a great event for us. Services strengthen our faith and bring us closer in spite of cultural and language differences.

I will never forget my first summer services in Sotkamo 2006. I have never seen so many believers at one event. It was amazing what a large group of people were gathered there to hear God’s word, to meet one another, and be strengthened in faith.

We are all imperfect and weak here in this world. In believing, we can know the abundance of grace and strength in unity with God, our Heavenly Father.

Anna Nekrasova

Image: Anna Nekrasova

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